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Meet The Team

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Michael Healy

Listing Agent

Michael, a top agent in Summit County, CO, specializes in helping investors, second homeowners, and locals find their perfect property. As a mentor, coach, and advisor, he treats each transaction as if it were his own, bringing extensive research and knowledge. With expertise in resort and rental markets nationwide, he offers a unique perspective on Summit County's nuanced market. Being a long-time resident, Michael shares his love for outdoor activities with his wife, pup, and clients, creating a special connection. He takes a client-centric approach, working closely with a skilled team to provide exceptional service for each individual he works with. With over a decade of real estate investment experience, Michael employs proven strategies to analyze the market professionally and help each client achieve their unique and personal goal in finding their ideal dream home.


    Matthew Strempke

    Listing Agent

    Matthew is a full-time summit resident after relocating from the Midwest. He has been living in Summit County for eight years now. He is highly involved with his brother's residential development company. When Matthew isn't busy selling real estate, you can find him in the high desert or a motocross track across the United States. 

      Meet The Developers

      TG Developments


      Mark Strempke

      Mark is a Summit County local who made his way into real estate development after attending college at The University of Chicago as well as The University of Colorado Boulder. With a decade of experience in real estate development and property management, Mark has extensive knowledge in luxury housing development and specializes in mountain environments that demand a high level of detail.

      At TG Developments, Mark has undertaken multiple projects in the town of Silverthorne encompassing almost 250 units. Through meticulous planning and attention to detail, he ensures that each unit harmonizes with the natural surroundings while offering residents a comfortable and contemporary living experience. Mark and his company have consistently demonstrated his commitment to enhancing the Silverthorne community.

      Through his transformative projects, community involvement, and love for the outdoors, Mark continues to shape the local landscape and contribute to the overall well-being of the Silverthorne community.


        Nick Pellar

        Nick has called Summit County home for many years now. The world class ski resorts and unlimited backcountry terrain drew Nick to Summit County at a young age. He started his career learning construction at Crown Corr, INC. Then quickly moved on to starting a property management company. Which led to his decade of experience in real estate development. Nick's motivation toward real estate development is fueled by his passion for creating community and a place to call home for adventure seekers. 

          Our Building Team

          Summit Homes Construction, LLC is a leading Developer/Builder specializing in multi-family residential development and general contracting in Summit County, Colorado. With a dedicated team and extensive experience, we have successfully completed numerous projects, including the construction of roads, utility systems, and over 1,100 residential units for the market and workforce housing sectors. Our focus on sales-driven, phased projects and infrastructure expertise sets us apart. We have built strong relationships within local resort communities, demonstrating our commitment to quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With a deep emphasis on open communication, subcontractor collaboration, and unwavering integrity, we prioritize client satisfaction and safety. Our proven track record includes prestigious industry awards, showcasing our excellence in affordable housing development. With dedicated Sales and Client Services staff, we ensure seamless communication and outstanding client support. By subcontracting specific construction tasks and leveraging our in-house expertise in design, project management, and marketing, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to each project's unique needs. From concept to completion, we excel in overseeing every aspect of the development process, including project design, approvals, budgeting, quality control, marketing, and warranty management. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and extensive capabilities make us the ideal partner for any development project in Summit County. Together, we can turn visions into exceptional communities that stand the test of time.


          Michael Healy


          Matthew Strempke


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